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Articles on Cisco Toll Fraud incidents

March 02, 2012 | Posted by: Jason Ostrom
Here are some interesting articles on Cisco Voice Gateway toll fraud experienced in EMEA from Cisco customers, and how to mitigate the risk.  Story is told from the perspective of the incident...
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Interesting talk at Troopers on Cisco VoIP Encryption

March 02, 2012 | Posted by: Jason Ostrom
Here is what looks to be a very interesting presentation at the IT Security conference "Troopers", which claims to crack Cisco VoIP encryption.  Should be very interesting technically...
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Exploiting an SBC for International SIP Toll Fraud: A Case Study

January 29, 2012 | Posted by: Jason Ostrom
"$1,970.31 in 6 hours...Really?" Discovered something fascinating that I want to share.  We inadvertently fell victim to a toll fraud incident involving unauthorized international SIP...
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Further thoughts on TelePacific speaking out

October 08, 2011 | Posted by: Jason Ostrom
Ellen Messmer with Network World, in her "Security roundup", posted some interesting thoughts on how TelePacific's Don Poe had the courage to speak out about details surrounding their DDoS incident...
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TelePacific speaks on massive SIP DDoS incident

October 05, 2011 | Posted by: Jason Ostrom
Here is a Network World description of how TelePacific's VP Network Engineering spoke about some more details on their March loss of service security incident. It's very encouraging and exciting to...
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